SRM ErgoMeter

The absolute standard in performance testing

The SRM Ergometer with integrated SRM Training System brings the highest level of sports performance measurement to the laboratory or university setting. Each SRM ErgoMeter is tested, calibrated and certified for protocol measurements with data accuracy with less than 0.5% error. It has a fully adjustable saddle and the handlebars can be adjusted to any position for cyclists with a height between 140 and 200 cm. Individually adjustable crank length from 150 mm to 190 mm in increments of 2.5 mm. The robust design and stable base allows for highly-accurate measurements and years of reliable, consistent use. It has large flywheel masses which are able to simulate the kinetic energy of riding on the road. They can also be adjusted to the athlete’s weight to allow the maximum simulation of real world conditions. The software has two different operational modes that can be programmed freely by the user for isokinetic and hyperbolic modes. Each SRM Ergometer uses the SRM Online option showing planned and actual real-time data on separate display screens for immediate rider feedback. Braking power from 20 up to 4.200 watts.


By using a step-up ramp test it is possible for the cyclist to determine their own optimum, individual cadence. It is also an option keeping the power of the Ergometer constant over a longer period of time. A simple editor allows you to program as many different tests as you like, with the shortest possible interval at 1 second. The measured data is displayed live on the computer screen and will be saved for later analysis with the SRM Ergometer software.


The isokinetic mode is for tests to measure maximum power and physical condition with a constant cadence. During modern races, the ability to deliver high power outputs for a short period of time is crucial. The cyclist himself determines his power output, as the Ergometer keeps the cadence constant. In other words, the brake keeps the pre-set resistance constant when the programmed cadence and corresponding pre-set power are reached – even if you try to increase the cadence. This makes it possible to determine the actual endurance capacity in relation to a pre-set time.

The SRM ErgoMeter System

The SRM Ergometer system consists of different components: The SRM Ergometer, the Torque Analysis system and the SRM Ergometer software. Every Ergometer is made by hand so custom finishes and logo placement is possible. The SRM Ergometer system can also be expanded with a “Mobile Support System” (MSS) cart. It allows you to connect and combine the SRM Ergometer easily with a computer and the preinstalled SRM Ergometer software using two monitors. The MSS cart has an integrated isolation transformer of 1200 VA.


With the new SRM Ergometer software (for both Windows and OSX) the measured data will be saved in a .fit file format. This makes it possible to import the data directly into the SRMX Software, Golden Cheetah, Training Peaks, etc. The firmware and the software will be updated regularly (free of charge) and both can be updated by the customer. The measured torque data is recorded at 200 Hz by the Torque Analysis system. The SRM Torque Analysis hardware and software are designed to display pedaling torque inputs in real time e.g. optimized for peak power, sprint testing or bike fitting.

Completely Adjustable

The SRM Ergometer is fully adjustable and can be fine-tuned to fit any user. By adjusting the saddle and handlebar vertically and/or horizontally and using the ruler which is attached to the seat post you can reproduce your perfect positioning. In addition the crank length is adjustable from 150 mm to 190 mm in increments of 2.5 mm.

The ErgoMeter GearBox

The gearbox of the SRM Ergometer was engineered for absolute durability and adjustability with a wide range of adjustable resistance and excellent feel that mimics that of being on the open road. The adjustable fly-masses allow for custom tuning of protocol conditions and can simulate varying real world conditions by using different weight combinations (9.1kg and 4.6kg included). This allows for a very wide range of kinetic energy at any cadence when used in conjunction with the Rohloff internally geared hub. For normal applications, e.g. hyperbolic step-testing, we recommend to only install the large weight.


It is possible to use the SRM Ergometer in combination with other hardware. The SRM system is compatible with various spiroergometry systems such as Carefusion, Cortex and Cosmed software which will be connected using the ergoline protocol. The software of these systems is able to note the actual load of the SRM Ergometer for seamless integration.

ErgoMeter Education and Training

The SRM Performance Center located in Jülich, Germany, provides a two day training course on SRM Ergometer setup and functionality. The training also provides customized instruction on designing performance testing protocols and setup.

Information and Ordering

Typical ordering and delivery time is 4 weeks. Please click on the contact link below to send an email to the SRM Headquarter in Germany for more information.

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Software & Firmware Downloads can be found on our main website.

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